Getting Lean with Healthy Eats

Getting Lean with Healthy Eats

NutriBullet LEAN arms you with the tools, knowledge and inspiration you need to achieve your most radiant, confident body ever. Read on for real stories from real women who tried the NutriBullet LEAN 7-Day Transformation Plan. For additional support and free weekly weight-loss tips delivered straight to your inbox from NutriBullet LEAN’s on-staff dietitians, sign up here!

I started my fitness journey the first weekend of September. I remember my muscles being sore for days. While I still get soreness whenever #deathbyKayla gets harder, I am able to do more than I was able to in the beginning. For example, I can now do a pushup. About 5 consecutive ones (on my toes) before collapsing… buuuuuut 60 days ago, I couldn’t do even ONE so I consider this a victory!

I now can also do commandos! Granted, again, I can only do about 6 of them (per arm) on my toes before I have to modify them by resting my lower body on my knees, however 60 days ago I couldn’t even do one modified commando. I compared notes with other friends doing BBG in the beginning, and we all agreed: commandoes were literally impossible. But progress, no matter how small, is always encouraging.

nutribullet lean healthy eating for weight loss

But exercise alone cannot make you lean. You must eat well in order to help your body lean out. A few years ago, after watching a Netflix documentary on juicing, I jumped onto the juicing bandwagon. Both Brian and I felt the immediate benefits of drinking a morning cocktail of kale, green apples, and spinach. Energy would course through my body and I felt pumped to exercise. However, I learned the hard way that juice alone wasn’t enough.

nutribullet lean healthy eating for weight loss

You see, you need the fiber of the produce you’re juicing in order to, ahem, keep business moving at a steady pace… if you catch my drift. My juicer was great, but I needed the fiber it was separating from the juice. My biggest problem with my juicer was how difficult it was to clean, so I knew that if I wanted the benefits of juicing again I needed to make a change. I needed to find a way to reap the benefits of the juiced fruits + veggies, but keeping their fiber intact.

That’s why I was so happy when NutriBullet sent me their LEAN™ 7-Day Transformation Plan. The plan teaches you how to eat the right foods in the right amounts, so you can attain healthy weight loss. The NutriBullet LEAN™ 7-Day Transformation plan asks that you have 2 satisfying smoothies, 1 balanced meal, and 2 snacks, each day, so you never feel hungry, and every meal and snack tells your body to burn fat, not store it! It’s exactly what I was looking for.

nutribullet lean healthy eating for weight loss

NutriBullet LEAN™ smoothie recipes encourage you to add a scoop of the 3-in-1 LEAN™ Boost powder that comes with the program – a combination of natural metabolism-boosters, prebiotics, and plant proteins. It helps you stay full throughout the day. I wish I had the system when I got sick right before Halloween. Not to lose more weight, per se, but because I was so sick I was hardly able to eat food. Using the NutriBullet LEAN™ system would have ensured I had nourished my body the healthy way when I didn’t have much of an appetite.

NutriBullet made it super easy to follow their program: it’s color-coded! The green line, a little camouflaged by my spinach and kale, is for greens; the red line is for fruits + starchy veggies, the blue line is for proteins + fats that you add with the blue NutriBullet spoon, such as powdered peanut butter; the orange line is for freebies and boosts, such as the chia seeds; and the yellow line is where you fill the rest with liquids, such as water or nutritious coconut milk depending on the particular smoothie. The light blue scoop above is the LEAN™ Boost protein powder that came with the system.

nutribullet lean healthy eating for weight loss

So easy! One of my favorite components of the NutriBulletLEAN™ system is the reusable divider to teach you proper portion control. Each of the three sections is clearly labeled with the food types that should fit inside: protein, non-starchy vegetables, and grains or starchy vegetables. It takes the guesswork out of portion sizes. If it fits, you can eat it! I’ve used this a few times, and now that I’ve learned how many spoonfuls of my favorite foods fit into each section, I don’t need to use it as much. However, if I’m trying out a new dish, I use it to ensure that I’m not dumping too many calories onto my plate.

nutribullet lean healthy meal plan for weight loss

Ever go to a restaurant and wonder how your rice fits neatly into a little mound? Now you know!

nutribullet lean healthy meal plan for weight loss

If you are looking for a way to get a little hand up in kick-starting your weight-loss goals between the holidays (or get a head start BEFORE New Year’s!), the NutriBulletLEAN™ 7-Day Body Transformation plan is one you should definitely consider.

nutribullet lean weight loss before and after

My apologies for the low lighting in these photos – I’ve only taken them for personal tracking of my weight-loss journey, but you can definitely see small differences in my arms and legs!

I’m also starting to see some differences in my waistline, particularly in my back. It’s not my end goal, but… progress!

nutribullet lean healthy eating for weight loss

You can repeat the 7-Day Body Transformation plan periodically when you feel like you’ve hit those inevitable plateaus. Every body hits them sooner or later, so instead of doing a “cleanse” where you may not be getting the nutrients you need, the NutriBullet LEAN™ system sets you on the track to success. If you are looking for a healthy way to shed a few inches, you can find NutriBullet LEAN™ at retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, and Macy’s department stores. You can also order the NutriBullet and receive a 25% discount by using the code LIVE LEAN.

Read about Lisette's fitness journey and her experience with the NutriBullet LEAN on her blog Northern Belle Diaries.

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