How It Works

NutriBullet LEAN is the world's first Precision Nutrient Extractor and 7-Day Transformation Plan that unlocks the Weight Loss Code in everyday foods, so you can drop pounds and inches faster than you ever thought possible!*


Over time, eating the wrong foods in the wrong amounts can send the wrong message to your body, telling it to convert the food you eat into excess body fat. But eating the right foods, in the right amounts and combinations, can create and entirely different code — the "Weight Loss Code." NutriBullet LEAN uses Precision Nutrient Extraction to unlock the Weight Loss Code found in everyday foods.

The 7-Day
Transformation Plan

The 7-Day Transformation Plan teaches you how easy it is to unlock the Weight Loss Code and become the leanest, healthiest you possible! You learn how to make perfect, delicious LEAN Blasts and Portion Perfect Meals. You'll find the recipes, shopping lists, tips, and tricks you need for success. Plus, you'll get exclusive access to the NutriBullet LEAN app which makes following the plan and generating your shopping lists a breeze!

The 7-Day Transformation Guide

The 7-Day Transformation Plan Includes:

Daily LEAN Blasts

The key to unlocking the Weight Loss Code is the 60-second LEAN Blast, a delicious, drinkable superfood meal that tells your body it's time to stop storing the fat. And it's so easy because the code is on the cup!

Simply add your ingredients according to the directions of the cup, and you know you are getting exactly the right foods in the right amounts to stop storing fat. You'll enjoy 2 LEAN Blasts a day!

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Portion Perfect Meals

For lunch or dinner, this re-usable divider takes the guesswork out of serving sizes. When it’s time for your cooked meal, simply fill each section with the appropriate foods, then lift it up to reveal a perfectly portioned plate. LEAN-approved recipes in the 7-Day Transformation Plan help ensure success.

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Code-Friendly Snacks

Enjoy code-friendly snacks—if you need them—twice a day. You’ll enjoy delicious snacks like Hummus & Veggies and Roasted Chickpeas.

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Supercharge Your Results

LEAN Boost makes it even easier to build the Weight Loss Code! This 3-in-1 powerhouse packs plant-based protein, natural metabolism boosters and fiber - enabling you to stay fuller longer with each LEAN Blast smoothie on the plan!

Learn more about the LEAN Boost here.
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Get one FREE tub a $40 value with your order today!

Start Your BodyTransformation Today

Unlock the Weight Loss Code With
NutriBullet LEAN!

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  • 7-Day Transformation Plan to help you lose pounds and inches*
  • One FREE Tub of LEAN Boost** -- a $40 value!
  • FREE LEAN app to help make following the plan even easier
  • 24/7 online support community with access to
    NutriBullet LEAN Experts
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Follow the Lean Plan on your phone!

Following the plan is so easy with the app, receive custom grocery lists, track your activity levels and record your weight loss progress and more, all from your tablet or smartphone.