LEAN Boost

LEAN Boost

For each LEAN Blast to be properly balanced for optimum weight loss and to unlock the Weight Loss Code, it needs to contain the right amount of protein. We’ve created the LEAN Boost as a convenient, effective way to add necessary servings of this powerful macronutrient.

In addition to its protein prowess, this flavorful formula helps to optimize your weight loss potential in two other ways. First, LEAN Boost has a proprietary blend of powerful, natural metabolism boosters to optimize fat burning. Second, LEAN Boost includes fiber and prebiotics that support healthy digestion and regularity.

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^Because we know you'll love the results you'll see with the NutriBullet LEAN Boost, with our Preferred Customer Auto-Ship Program, about 4 weeks after today's order is shipped, and then about every 4 weeks thereafter, unless you call (800) 500-0675 to cancel, we will automatically ship to you a fresh supply of our LEAN Boost, equal to the number of tubs ordered today, at the guaranteed low price of $24.99 plus free shipping and handling, per tub. Each shipment will be charged to the card you provide today, at the time of shipping. Please note exact shipment times may vary. You can customize or cancel future shipments of the NutriBullet LEAN Boost at any time by calling, (800) 500-0675 or the number on the package so there is no risk. We are unable to cancel or refund subsequent auto-shipments of NutriBullet LEAN Boost once they have already shipped. Note for shipments to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico: $14.99 non-continental surcharge will be added to each subsequent shipment of LEAN Boost.

A 3-in-1 SuperFood Blend

Organic Plant Protein helps you feel full longer, reduces cravings, helps you hold onto lean muscle and increases fat burning potential all day.
Natural Metabolism Boosters for optimized fat burning ability
Fiber and Prebiotics support digestive health